International Conference

Days of the Caucasian Cable Televisions and Media Industry - 2018

On September 26-27, 2018, Tbilisi will host the international conference
"Days of the Caucasian Cable Televisions and Media Industry - 2018"


The Conference will be dedicated to discuss the new tendencies, technical and legal issues and tendencies of technological developments in the field of the international telecommunications; apart to that, different studies will be presented, problematic and urgent issues will be analyzed and evaluated. Gergian parliamet Deputies, Business ombudsman of Georgia, Representatives of Georgian National Communications Commission and Georgian Patent, cable operators, field specialists from across the world, trade unions and associations, device producing companies and representatives of the TV-Channels will participate in the Conference.





Conference Agenda


- Cooperation between transit companies and local TV-channels. Who pays to whom, how much and why? Must Carry and Must Offer. Situation in Georgia and analysis of the intarnational practice.

- Perspectives and current situation with regars to the development of DTH, IP, OTT technologies.

- Development and problems of the cable televisions.

- Importance of the quality content in modern industry and media industry in Georgia - Forms and sources of pirate gadgets in the Georgian market, influence over business operators, methods to gight against piracy.

- Content show and new channels will be presented

Dear Colleagues, please send your proposals and opinions about interesting and urgent topics you wish to discuss.

For the participation in the Conference, please take registration procedures.
During the Conference, participants will be able to make presentations and arrange show-rooms. For that, please send the applications to corresponding registration format


Venue of the Conference is the Tbilisi Sea City, Hotel "Hotels&Preference Hualing Tbilisi". Adress: Hualing, Tbilisi Sea new City 


 Participants of the conference can book the hotel "BigBeg". Adress: Tbilisi, Telavi st. N5; +995 32 274 64 59; +995 32 274 68 88

(transfer is provided from the Hotel BigBeg to the conference venue)

Please, send your requests for booking the room in the hotel no later September 15 to the email adress:  


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Guram Beruashvili

Guram Beruashvili

Cable Televisions Union of Georgia

Board chairman 

Ararat Arushanyan

Ararat Arushanyan

Association of Cable Broadcasters of Armenia


Yury Pripachkin

Yury Pripachkin

Russian Cable Television Association (AKTR)


Jerzy Straszewski

Jerzy Straszewski

Polish Chamber of Electronic Communication (PIKE)

Board president

Asylbek Khairushev

Asylbek Khairushev

The National Telecommunications Association of the Republic of Kazakhstan


Petr Stankevich

Petr Stankevich

TV Chanel "Bel Business channel"

General Director




Germann Geer

Germann Geer

Astro Strobel

Sales Director

Vladimir Topal

Vladimir Topal

Cable Operators and Broadcasters Association of Moldova


Ina Pirtskhalaishvili

Ina Pirtskhalaishvili


Marketing manager

Iryna Sakhno

Iryna Sakhno


Media Expert

Ilmars Muuls

Ilmars Muuls

Latvian Association of electronic communications

Chairmen of board

Dmitry Kolesov

Dmitry Kolesov

J'son and Parnters Consulting

Director of TV and Content Department

Irakli Kasradze

Irakli Kasradze

Georgian Patent

Head of Trademarks, Geographical Indications and Designs department 

Ucha Seturi

Ucha Seturi

Small and Medium Telecom Operator's Association of Georgia

Executive Director

Gerasim Gadiyan

Gerasim Gadiyan


General director

Conference Program 

Wednesday, September 26, 2018 

09:30 - 10:30 REGISTRATION OF PARTICIPANTS ..... Hotels&Preference Hualing Tbilisi
10:30 - 11:00

Opening of the International Conference “Days of the Caucasian Cable Televisions Media Industry – 2018”


  • Welcoming speeches
  • Video-roll


11:00 - 13:00 Session 1  -Speeches, Moderator Guram Beruashvili, chairman of the Georgian Cable Televisions Union
Hotels&Preference Hualing Tbilisi

Market of Georgian cable televisions. Challenges, perspectives and review of the legislation 

Guram Beruashvili 

Must Carry and Must Offer, cooperation with local TV-Channels; Polish example

Jerzy Straszewski

Aspects of the transfer of TV-channels via cable televisions, Armenian example

Ararat Arushanyan
Market of  Russian cable televisions
Yury Pripachkin

Market of Moldavian cable televisions, cooperation between local cable televisions and broadcasters

Vladimir Topal

 Market of Belarusian cable televisions; cooperation between local cable televisions and broadcasters

Peter Stankevich
Market of Ukrainian cable televisions
Iryna Sakhno

Situation in the German telecommunications market. Transmission of TV-channels with the support of analogue, digital, IP, OTT technologies
Germann Geer, statement of Herbert Strobel, board member of the German Cable Televisions Association (ANGA)

 Signing the Resolution in support of the Georgian cable televisions

13:00 - 13:30 Coffe break .....
13:30 - 15:00 Session 2  Speeches, Moderator Germann Geer ..... Hotels&Preference Hualing Tbilisi
Market of  Kazakhstan cable televisions Asylbek  Khairushev

 Analysis of best practices how to reduce outflow of subscribers from cable televisions 

Dmitri Kolesov

 Widening of the service fee base and service of operators: OTT’s decisions, CDN, TV-Content, online translation and more

Gerasim Gadyan

Development  of TV Industry and Audience Preferences in Georgia

Ina Pirtskhalaishvili

 Transmission of illegal content in internet. Its impact on media and transit companies. Georgian example

Irakli Kasradze

Fight against Piratage, Latvian example

Ilmars Muuls

 Situation on internet market, Georgian example

Ucha Seturi

Media Societies - Georgia 2018. Modern media regulations

Thomas Wierny, Tobias Brings-Wiesen

  New budgetary solution of the company Astro Strobel in the production of head gadgets

German Geer
15:00- 16:00 Lunch  .....
16:00- 18:00 Session 3  Content Show, Presentations of New Channels, Moderator Iryna Sakhno ....
Digital TV Family
Новый Мир/New World
Universal Distribution
Red Media
Tvigle Media

SPI International

18:00 - 19:00 Free time ....
19:00 - 20:00 Dinner .... Hotels&Preference Hualing Tbilisi

Thursday, September 27 2018 

10:00 - 17:00 Excursion

Hosted by "Digital TV Family"

09:00 Gathering in the hall of the Vilton in the Hotel Hualing Tbilisi     
09:40 – 10:30 

Mtskheta, Jvari Monastery 

11:00 - 12:00  Svetitskhoveli Cathedral     
12:30 - 16:00  Chateau Mukhrani     
14:00 - 16:00 

Dinner with traditional unique dishes and Georgian folk dances

16:00 - 16:40 

Travel from Chateau Mukhrani to the hotels Hotels&Preference Hualing Tbilisi” and Wilton 

17:00 - 20:00 Free time
20:00 -- Clossing dinner 

Restaurant "Tavaduri"

Left bank of the Mtkvari River, Mushtaid garden































Conference participants


Surname, Name


Company Position Country
Abramova Olga Latvian Association of electronic communications Financial director Latvia
Agutenkov Ivan  Signal Media CEO, Sales & Development Russia
Aibazov Aslan TV channel "ACB TV" Department Director of Regional Development Russia
Akhobadze Lasha Cable TV - "A+B" Director Georgia
Arens Anton Channel One WorldWide General producer  of the TV channel "Telecafe" Russia
Aronia Eka TV MR GE, Nielsen Television Audience Measurement's official licensee Production Director Georgia
Aroshidze Mariam Georgian National Communication Commission    Chief Specialistof the audiovisual Media services regulation Deparments Georgia
Arushanyan Ararat Association of Cable Broadcasters of Armenia President Armenia
Arushanyan Vigen Association of Cable Broadcasters of Armenia Director Armenia
Bagashvili Ioseb Georgian National Communication Commission    Monitoring Leading Specialist  Georgia
Balandis Zilvinas SPI International Distribution Agent  Lithuania
Balashov Anton TV Center JSC Deputy director Russia
Barzashvili George Company „Barzashvili PRO" CEO Ukraine
Bediashvili David Cable TV - "Aliance TV" LLC Director Georgia
Beruashvili Guram Cable Televisions Union of Georgia Chairman of the Board Georgia
Beruashvili Teona Cable Televisions Union of Georgia Executive Director Georgia
Bitsadze Amiran Cable TV - "TV COM" LLC Director Georgia
Boguslavchik Olga JSC "TV Company" STREAM " Head of Distribution Service Russia
Bojarskaja Iana  AKTR Head of congress and exhibition activity RACIB Russia
Borisov Dmitry Channel One WorldWide General Producer of the Joint redaction Russia
Brings-Wiesen Tobias University of Cologne  Research assistant Germany
Burykhin Konstantin  IRDETO BV Sales Director Netherlands
Cheishvili Elene   Georgian Parliament Leading Specialist Georgia
Chibalashvili Nana "Magticom" LLC Magti TV Content Manager Georgia
Chicherova Veronika AKTR Advisor Russia
Cramton Stan Diversified Communications International, Inc President USA
Czepielewski Slawomir  Cable TV - TVM  President of the Board Poland
Dapkviashvili Nino "Silknet" JSC IPTV project Manager Georgia
Demushina Maria LLC "Asia TV CIS"  Distribution Manager Russia
Dergachev Anton  Mortelecom-service Director Ukraine
Dergachova Anna  Mortelecom-service Manager Ukraine
Dolidze Shalva Cable TV - "Inter TV" Executive Director Georgia
Dubovnik Maxim BaltInvestTelecom Ltd. Director Belarus
Falelyukhin Igor Firm BIS LLC Head Russia
Fedyuchok Vladimir TV Channel "TV 21" General Director Latvia
Fouksman Philip FM-groups General Director Russia
Frolova Marina TV Channel "1+1 Inetrnational" Director Ukraine
Gadiyan Gerasim ViNTERA.TV General Director Russia
Gazizova Lira  "Firm BIS" LLC Deputy Director Russia
Germann Geer  ASTRO STROBEL Sales Director Germany
Gordeladze Lizi Cable Televisions Union of Georgia Assistant of chairman  Georgia
Gorgoshidze Anatol Interoptic Ltd Diector Georgia
Gorte Evgeniy  Universal Distribution Sales Director Russia
Gostev Kirill "Nova" LLC Deputy director Belarus
Gosteva Irina "Nova" LLC Secretary Belarus
Grigalashvili Marlen Cable TV - SP Marlen Grigalashvili Director Georgia
Gultyaeva Helena AKTR Advisor Russia
Gumenyuk Ivan  Mortelecom-service Commercial director Ukraine
Gurbanov Samir Azerbaijan Cable Operators Association President Azerbaijan
Gyonjyan Kristine  Armenian Union of Operators  Executive Director Armenia
Iakovich Roman  TVDROM Limited Regional representative United Kingdom
Ivandikova Ekaterina Red Media Head of Sales Service Russia
Kankava Levan Cable TV - "Metekhi 2014" LLC Director Georgia
Kasradze Irakli National Intellectual Property Center of Georgia Sakpatenti Head of Trademarks, Geographical Indications and Designs department  Georgia
Khairushev Asylbek The National Telecommunications Association of the Republic of Kazakhstan President Kazakhstan
Khajalya Shota Cable TV - SP "G.Liluashvili" Representative of the company Georgia
Khitarishvili George Cable TV -"D+" Director General Georgia
Kiknadze Mirian New Content Director Georgia
Kirilyuk Tatyana Channel One WorldWide TV presenter TV channel "Поехали" Russia
Klymenko Ihor Inter Media Group FEA Manager Ukraine
Kobakhidze Nikoloz Gis Ltd CEO Georgia
Koberidze Levan  Georgian Parliament Member of the Parliament  Georgia
Kolesov Dmitry J'son and Parnters Consulting Director of TV and Content Department Russia
Kolpakov Igor "Kontur-M" LLC Director Russia
Konshin Anton Red Media Development and Distribution Director Russia
Konstowicz Artur Ax Technology International sales manager Poland
Kot Jozef  Polish Chamber of Electronic Communication (PIKE)  Member of the Board Poland
Kovalev Stepan TimeMedia Group LLC General Director Russia
Krasilnikov Philip THEMA (Canal+) Distribution manager France
Krikheli Victoria Portico Media Affiliate Sales Director Russia
Kuchin Vitaly Navigator Director Russia
Kulish Victor UKRTELESET President Ukraine
Kumanyaeva Irina  Tvigle Media Director Russia
Kumsishvili George Georgian Public Broadcasting Production and Logistics Director Georgia
Kuprashvili Natia TV channel "Tok TV" Director Georgia
Kvarchuk Makc Triolan Technical director Ukraine
Kvirkvelia Zurab Georgian National Communication Commission    Monitoring Leading Specialist  Georgia
Laperashvili Natela Portico Media Marketing Director Russia
Lavrinenco Serghei Content Media  Director Moldova
Lelis Ianis Latvian Telecommunications Association Executive Director Latvia
Leqvinadze Irakli Business ombudsman of Georgia Business ombudsman of Georgia Georgia
Levchenko Evgenia Channel One WorldWide Marketing Director Russia
Levkin Alexander Telesputnik LLC The editor of the website "Telesputnik" Russia
Liluashvili Gocha Cable TV - SP "G.Liluashvili" Director Georgia
Magradze Roman Media Sputnik Chief Editor Russia
Malakhova Larissa Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company (VGTRK) Head of the Department CIS and the Baltic countries Russia
Manvelyan Robert Tele-Comm Ltd Director General Georgia
Markevich Evgeniy TV channel "Belarus 24" Deputy director Belarus
Masaryk Anna TV Channel "New World" Representative of the channel Spain
Masaryk Vladimir TV Channel "New World" Business Development Director of the TV channel Spain
Meisele Kristina Elite Union Project Manager Latvia
Meladze David Cable TV "Telecompany Dia" Comercial Director Georgia
Melikidze Vasil  Cable TV "Metekhi 2014" LLC Technical director Georgia
Menabde Lela Cable TV - "Optika TV" Meneger Comercial  Georgia
Menabdishvili Medea R.B.G LLC Georgia
Meparishvili Gela Cable TV - "SP. V.Tsagareishvili" Ditector Georgia
Merzadze Murman Cable TV - "TV Com" Comercial Director Georgia
Minasyan Andranik  "Aranea" LLC Director Armenia
Moroz Vera TV channle "TV rain" Head of Distribution Department Russia
Muratoglu Murat  SPI Internatoinal Sales director Turkey
Muuls Ilmars Latvian Association of electronic communications Chairman of board Latvia
Nesvizhskaya Anastasia Cableman Editor Russia
Nikitova Ekaterina AKTR Finance and credit Russia
Ninoshvili Gvantsa Silknet JSC Administrator Video Library Georgia
Osikmashvili George Cable TV - "Sistema+" LLC Technical director Georgia
Ostapenko Svetlana Triolan Financial director Ukraine
Ozerova Irina Portico Media LLC Administrative manager Russia
Pantsulaia George National Intellectual Property Center of Georgia Sakpatenti Chief Specialist at the Legal and International Relations Department Georgia
Papikyan Artur Signal Media Head of Network Development Project Russia
Petrenko Igor Irdeto Technical director Russia
Piriev Sergey "TV Center" JSC Distribution Director Russia
Pirtskhalaishvili Ina TV MR GE, Nielsen Television Audience Measurement's official licensee Marketing manager Georgia
Pochkhua George Cable TV - "CGC" Deputy General Director Georgia
Pripachkin Yury AKTR President Russia
Pstrong Krzysztof  Cable TV - TVM  Member of the Board Poland
Qochiashvili Kakha Cable TV - "Alioni" Representative of the company Georgia
Radionov Alexander Harmonic Presale Manager Israel
Reut Victoria TV channel "Belarus 24" Chief Specialist for Regional and International Development Belarus
Robakidze Mikheil Representation of the TV company "Mir" Director Georgia
Rolandas Sirvelis VECTRUM LAT SIA  CEO Latvia
Rychka Denis Russian Cable Television Association (AKTR)  Press Secretary Russia
Sakhno Irina Mediasat  Media Expert  Ukraine
Salnikov Andrey Channel One WorldWide Director of the Directorate for Distribution channels CIS and Baltic countries Russia
Salnyk Anatoly Trofey TV Deputy Director  Ukraine
Sargisyan Alexander "Firm BIS" LLC Director Russia
Schnaider Anna Channel One WorldWide Chief editor of the TV channel "O!" Russia
Seturi Ucha Small and Medium Telecom Operator's Association of Georgia Executive Director Georgia
Sheshoulina Olga Portico Media Sales Manager Russia
Shkaraban Mykola  TV Channel "UATV" Distribution Executive Ukraine
Silin Mikhail AKTR Vice President Russia
Smidre Peteris Latvian Telecommunications Association President Latvia
Sobotkowska Olga  Polish Chamber of Electronic Communication (PIKE)   Poland
Sokhadze Kakha Cable TV - "Alioni" Cable TV - "Alioni" Georgia
Spirin Denis  Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company (VGTRK) Head of International Broadcasting Distribution Department Russia
Stankevich Petr Bel Business channel Director Belarus
Straszewski Jerzy Polish Chamber of Electronic Communication (PIKE) President Poland
Szymura Rafal  Irdeto Head of Sales Netherlands
Tabatadze Kakha Cable TV - "Daka" Director Georgia
Tatulashvili Maia Cable TV "Telecompany Dia" Director Georgia
Temnogradskaya Evgenia Red Media Chief Manager Russia
Thompson Alan Diversified Communications International, Inc Associate USA
Tkach Lilia  Mortelecom-service Manager Ukraine
Tonoyan Michel JSC "TV Company" STREAM " Director of the Commercial Directorate Russia
Topal Vladimir Cable Operators and Broadcasters Association of Moldova Chairman Moldova
Trofimova Victoria Channel One WorldWide Director of the Department of distribution channels in the Baltic and CIS countries Russia
Trubenko Olga Channel One WorldWide Director of the Promotion Department Russia
Tsakadze Besik Cable TV "TVG" Director Georgia
Tsikarishvili George  Magticom LLC Head of the Department of Magti TV Georgia
Tsilosani Nino Georgian Parliament Member of the Parliament of Georgia Georgia
Tsimakuridze Koba Cable TV - "CTV 1" Director Georgia
Tsitskishvili Paata Cable TV - SP Marlen Grigalashvili Technical expert Georgia
Tsvetkova Polina  Channel One WorldWide Redaction Creative producer of the TV channel "Poehali!" Russia
Tymoshenko Oksana CNA Georgia Director Georgia
Vaskin Oleg "Kontur-M" LLC Commercial director Russia
Vasyanovich Denis Inter Media Group Head of department Ukraine
Vinogradova Elena JSC "TV Company" STREAM " Top manager Russia
Volodkevica Diana "Elite Union" Chairman of the Board Latvia
Wierny Thomas  Wierny - media law Expert in media law and constitutional law Germany
Yakushenko Ekaterina Universal Distribution Deputy executive director Russia
Yakymovych Anastasia  TV Channel "UATV"  Distribution Manager Ukraine
Yaryomenko Sergey Telecommunications industry Union of Belarus  Director Belarus
Yengibaryan Gevorg LLL Family Network Director Armenia
Yurina-Mandjgaladze Anna "R.B.G" LLC Director Georgia
Zielinski Wlodzimierz  Polish Foundation for the Development og Electronic Communications (PIKSEL) Board President Poland
Zubcu Vitalie  SC DIGIMAX LLC Director Moldova

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